About Judy

Hello, and welcome to my website. My name is Judy Hankin and I invite you to join me on a photographic adventure…

I am passionate about my creative photographic art and excited to share my images with you.

In a world of ever increasing technology where we are saturated with marketing messages and gadgets, my images provide a chance to gain a feeling of greater connectedness to our environment and in humanity. My vision is to create an opportunity to bring nature back into your home and ‘photographic art to live with’.

I started tinkering with my family’s Box Brownie camera whilst as a schoolgirl, but it wasn’t until I began travelling- armed with my own trusty SLR camera- that I realized my passion and discovered an innate eye for the medium.

Acting on the advice of overseas artists who viewed my images, I studied a diploma of photography and art at ACPAC- Australian College of Photography, Art and Communication as a mature age student. Exploring further techniques I completed a certificate in Studio Photography the following year.

My earlier studies in nursing, psychology and biology had previously tweaked my interest in people and the environment, and how tiny pieces contribute towards the whole. Through the lens of the camera, capturing simple elements of form, shape and color began to emerge as a recurring theme.

I continue to be excited by the richness and sometimes abstract components in both natural and man-made landscapes and the human condition. Blending creative, candid and personal experiences and skills, my work continues to evolve.

The gallery on this website represent a glimpse of my library of work which includes a vast number of landscapes, portraits from both Australia and overseas, black and white images, and photographs that could be used in an array of commercial contexts.

Please contact me to purchase any of the pictures displayed, to see further images or to request any commission work.