Flowers & Lotus

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Flowers & plants.

 It’s not always an easy practice- to “stop and smell the roses”- as we rush around meeting deadlines in our busy lives. To be able to take the time to appreciate some of the simple things, for me is a healing and cathartic experience.

Flowers and the symbolism attached to them have a long history steeped in art, culture and religion. And their enduring appeal sees them remaining an important component in current day ceremony, celebrations and romantic gestures.

Plants in general intrigue me with their incredible diversity, complexity and beauty. They are an essential component in nature, ensuring our own survival. Their color, form and texture are elements that provide me a creative canvas inspiring a variety of abstract and documentary style images.

I have a particular photographic love affair with lotus and water lilies. Taking high resolution close up photographs of these extraordinary flowers escorts us into a secretive and intimate space, one generally missed by the passer by.

My photographic exploration of flowers is not however limited to lilies; rather I embrace all forms of our floral companions. All of these images (and more) are available for sale on a wide choice of substrates; paper, canvas, glass and metal.