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Landscape Photography

 My love of photography is by no means my only passion. I have travelled extensively; whether in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii or Asia my landscapes document the environment and aspects of our wild planet.

I find inspiration in the natural beauty that surrounds us. Working with available light, mountains, waterfalls, rivers and beaches each reveal their grandeur and secrets. I feel privileged in being able to capture these moments and share them with you.

The environment is important to me- and conservation is a subject I am passionate about.

Photographing elements of nature’s immense design, landscapes- provides me an opportunity to bring increased consciousness of the diversity and fragility in nature. With greater awareness we gain collective power and can become unified in our quest to preserve our precious environment.

All of my images are available for sale and offer you the chance to possess beautiful ‘photographic art to live with’. Bringing nature into your home…

To purchase a high resolution, quality print or to view more photographs, feel free to contact me to discuss your needs. And you can discover more of my images (mainly landscapes) by checking out my i-phone pictures via my instagram account, JUDEHANKIN.