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 “Art evokes an emotional response…”

This is one of the most inspiring phrases I heard whilst studying art and photography years ago, and ever since has proven to be a major influence in the way I create my images.

I spent most of my formative years studying in Melbourne Australia, where prior to the digital age, photographs were all shot on film. This medium taught me the significance of getting exposures right, and the art of  ’painting” with light.

Constantly surprised by the beauty and complexity in our natural world, I delight in opportunities to extract somewhat surreal elements, creating pictures with strong color, abstract or design themes.

Landscapes, flowers, trees, animals, birds and architecture all provide me the best inspiration to produce photographs that may provoke or stimulate. And bring nature into your home…

These images can be enjoyed as a variety of interior design products, which may be produced in a number of mediums, not simply limited to traditional prints. I have produced unique and personalized kitchen splash backs, for example.

It excites me to create new images and explore new ideas. To buy any of these images or for any other enquiries, contact me to help you design and create your next unique project.