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 I have been liberal with the use of the title of wildlife or nature photographer, as I am not armed with a massive telephoto lens or the luxury of days of assignment on site.

However, documenting the diversity within the animal kingdom, whether it domestic pets, birds, Australian natives or exotic overseas species, rewards me with great satisfaction.

I am passionate about nature and nurturing its preservation; without biodiversity of species, we cannot survive. Conservation is important to me and I believe a healthy balance between us and our animal co-inhabitants is attainable and sustainable, to share in our world that supports all species.

I thoroughly enjoy capturing unique moments in animal behavior, predominately shot in natural, outdoor environments, or wherever a creature calls home. Regardless of their own particular animal activity, these photos have all been inspired by the incredible variation amongst our planet’s creatures, their habitats and nuances.

I hope that some of these images resonate with you and help inspire you too. They are available for sale in almost any size and would suit a range of products including desktop backgrounds and wall art. And if you are in Melbourne or surrounds, I am available to photograph your choice of pet or wild subject.