Portraits (People in Places)

Landscape Format

Portrait Format


Creating interesting images of people is a challenging and rewarding genre of photography. Whilst many portraits are shot in an artificial environment such as a studio, most of mine have evolved from the world around us.
This demands a keen eye, sense of spontaneity and the ability to use available light at whatever time of day a subject reveals him or herself to me. It also requires an innate ability to successfully interact with the people I am pointing a camera at.
Much of my subject material has been inspired whilst travelling, so there is a strong ethnic and cultural influence that is evidenced in my portfolio. I fondly refer to this as my photographs of “people of the world”.
There is also a prevalence of images of children- behaving naturally, posing or sometimes in response to my presence as a foreigner- in their own individual environments.
I really enjoy the limitless potential in creating portraits, and have selected a mixture of some of my best color and black and white images in this catalogue to reflect that interest and showcase my ability to evoke an emotional response.
To buy any of these images or to enquire as to how I can help you create a beautiful, personalized portrait please contact me.