Travel – Asia & Neighbours

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Travel – Asia and Neighbouring Countries

I first travelled into Bali some 30 years ago, well before Kuta burst onto the tourist scene and when water buffalo still shared the dirt roads with the locals. The experience had a deeply profound effect on me.

I was impressed by the nature of the people; how their outlook on life was so simple yet positive, despite the lack of material possessions and creature comforts.

A seed was planted and I have nurtured my passion for travel ever since. Throughout my life I have frequently planned holidays or travel adventures that transported me to unfamiliar and exotic locations around the world.

Exposure to the cultural and religious differences broadened my mind and taught me to appreciate the diversity of beliefs and lifestyles within the human family.

My love of travel fuels a continued interest in exploring developing countries, particularly our neighbours in South East Asia. I have graced the shores and boarders of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to name a few, always armed with my trusty camera.

The subject matter for my photographs whilst travelling is diverse but is dominated by landscapes and portraits. The images are inspired by what I see around me, revealing themselves spontaneously.

All of my photographs are available for sale and I am available for commission work- (commercial, documentary, or to help you create your own stock library) both locally and overseas. You can also check out more of my pictures on my instagram site: “judehankin”.